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NOVEMBER 11th 2018

Collection of 500+ Lots with Focus on Virginia and Maryland Soldiers of the 29th (Blue Gray) and 80th Division (Blue Ridge) Divisions. Items include Combat and Dress Uniforms, Weapons; 1903 Springfield, M-1 carbine, 98 Krag, Rifles, Luger & Webley Pistols, Knives and Bayonets, Medals & insignia,, Photographs; Individual and Unit, Letters, Mess Kits. Helmets and Military Headgear, Personal Items & War Trophies and Models.

From the Civil War through the Vietnam War Including the Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, Interwar Service, Korean War and Vietnam Wars.
The Lifetime Collection of Sam Martinette, Norfolk, Virginia


SUNDAY, 10:00 AM, NOVEMBER 11th, 2018

11:00AM-4:00PM, NOVEMBER 1st to NOVEMBER 10th, 2018


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Welcome to the Phoebus Auction Gallery's On-Line Auction. This is a LIVE Auction that we conduct in front of our regular and Live Auction crowd. As an Online Bidder you will be submitting an ABSENTEE BID on the items you want. Our catalogue will describe any defects in an item other then fair wear and tear. To get an item you have to bid a reasonable amount. You can sign up for our "Email Notification" letting you know the catalogue is complete or when we add in On-Site Estate Auctions. Enjoy Yourself and Good Luck. Thank You for Joining Us.



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After each Item in the Catalogue, we have added an Auction Estimate in Parentheses. This is not an Appraisal or Exact Value, but is added to provide a Guideline for Our Bidders. Any bid that you might make that would fall between the figures listed would in our Opinion, be a fair bid ad a good value, should the bid be successful. All items however, depending on the competition between bidders can realize prices substantially above or below the range on estimates that we have listed

____1. 29th Div. OMAHA BEACH WWII Combat Uniform: 1st LT P.T. SMELTZU, M43 Combat Jacket with Hood, Gas Mask Carrier, 1943 Knap Sack Bag with Personal Sheath Knife and French Post Cards. Web Belt and Suspenders, 1st Aid Pouch 1943 with Battle Dressing, Double Carbine Ammo Pouch 1942 (small Hole), 1 M-1 Carbine Magazine, Wire Cutter Carrier 1942, Canteen Carrier 1922, Canteen w/Metal Top, Cup 1945. M-1 Helmet and Liner with Fishnet Camouflage Cover. 29th Division Decal on Helmet ($600-$1000)
  ____2. M-1 CARBINE "INLAND DIV" WW II Semi-Automatic Rifle: 30 Cal. SN 6699424, 18" Blue Barrel, Bayonet Lug. Web Sling. Excellent Condition. Working Order. Three Magazines and 1942 Ammunition Pouch on Stock. Federal Firearms Rules Apply, NO Foreign Sales Allowed ($1000-$1500)
  ____3. 29th Div., 116th Infantry, OMAHA BEACH Service Jacket: custom Made at Thalhimer's Richmond VA, Infantry 1st LT. Combat Infantryman's Badge, Ribbons; Soldier's Medal, Bronze Star with V Device, Good conduct Medal, ETO with Five Campaign Stars, American Defense Medal, Unit Commendation Medal. Dark chocolate Officer's Shirt and Issue Tie. No Garrison Belt. Excellent Condition. ($250-$500)
  ____4. WW II, 29th Div., Herringbone Fatigue Jacket & Helmet: Staff Sergeant Stripes with 13 Star Buttons, 38 R. US Army Helmet Liner painted with Division Artillery, Staff Sergeant Stripes, Name inside "Fullerton". Very Good Condition. ($100-$200)
  ____5. 29th Division, World War I Officer's Tunic & Trousers: Bullion 1st Lieutenant, Infantry Brass, Overseas Strip, Victory Ribbon with One Campaign Star. Loose Tabaco in Lower Pockets. Trousers 30/26. Missing Pocket Button on Tunic, Otherwise Excellent. ($150-$300)
  ____9. US Regulation Brass Bugle "REXRRATT" Made in the USA: CA 1940 World War II Bugle in Black Lacquer Finish with Mouth Piece and Tassel. Perfect for Playing Reveille 17" x 4" ($80-$200)
  ____11. 80th Div. WW I Summer Weight Officer's Tunic & Hat: Stetson Montana Peak Officers Campaign Hat (Moth Hole). 318th Infantry Regiment and US Brass. Sam Browne Belt (Missing Sword Grommet). 1st Lieutenant Rank Insignia. ($300-$600)
  ____12. 80th Div. WW I Helmet, Mustard Overcoat & Web Gear: Helmet Marked 80th Division, Company H, 320 Infantry Regiment. Early War Mustard Colored Overcoat (Shortened Post War), Gas Mask Carrier; "H.G. DORN 4616753, Gas Mask and Tube, (Missing Canister). Springfield ammo Belt and Suspenders, Field Pack; "INF SPRINGFIELD ARSENAL 1918" With Leather Straps, WW I Canteen Carrier, Canteen/Cup, 1st Aid Pouch 1917 with Battle Dressing, Long Bayonet "Springfield Armory 1917" with Scabbard. Carrier with Hammer, Pick and Screwdriver: Blood or Oil Stained. The Standard Kit for the US Infantryman of the First World War. Very Good Condition. ($500-$1000)
  ____13. US Army SPRINGFIELD ARMORY 1903 Bolt Action Rifle: Early Production Model, Barrel Dated 2-08, SN 345501 Excellent Condition, Working Order, 24" Blue Barrel with Leather Issue Sling, Frogs Need Brasso. Federal Firearms Rules apply, NO foreign Sales Allowed ($3000-$5000)
  ____14. US Army M-1917 Bolo Knife with Canvas Scabbard: Leather Tip on Scabbard. ($150-$300)
  ____15. 318th Infantry Regiment Camp Lee Pendent World War I: ($-$)
  ____16. 80th Div., WW I Enlisted Tunic, Custom Made: PFC Rank Insignia, Wound Stripe, Two Overseas Stripes, Ribbons; Victory Medal with Two Campaign Stars, State Medal. USAR Signal Corps Brass. ($200-$400)
  ____17. US Army M1911 Cavalry Leather Puttees or Gaiters: From 1911 until 1917 US Mounted Troops wore Leather Puttees to Protect their Leg and the Horses Sides. Nice Set buckles Present Straps have partially Broken off. 11" Long. ($100-$200)
  ____20. 1943 80TH DIVISION ARTILLERY BOXING THROPHY: Bulls-eye Circles at Top and V Cut Lines to bottom For Sportsmanship Presented to P.F.C. JOSEPH N KOPERA. 12 1/2" Tall, Wooden Base with Brass Plaque, boxer on Top. ($100-$200)
  ____21. Spanish American War KRAG Bayonet & Cartridge Belt: Period KRAG Bayonet with Scabbard, Cartridge Belt Marked PS 38, with 27 "30 USA" Blank Cartridges, Round Canteen (Sm Hole) with Brown Leather Strap and Cork Stopper Marked "2-US-16". Haversack Marked "1st ARTILLERY BATTERY A" Excellent Condition, Black Leather Strap. Issue Khaki Pants (cut off Post War) Replica; Suspenders, Blue Service Shirt and Stetson "Triple Beaver" Hat. ($700-$1200)
  ____22. US ARMY KRAG M-1898 30-40 Bolt Auction Rifle: Designed in Norway by Ole Krag to Allow soldier in Mittens to Load. Used by the United States in Cuba, China and the Philippines which lacks Snow. 30" Blue Barrel, SN 456133 Excellent condition, Working Order With Issue Leather Sling. Rear of Front Sight Painted White, Hot Collector Item, Very Fine Shooting Weapon. Federal Firearms Rules Apply, No Foreign Sales Allowed ($1500-$3000)
  ____31. USAAF "IKE JACKET" SFC E. Cox, 8th Air Force: Manufactured June 6, 1944, Size 34R With Air Crew Badge, Ribbons; Purple Heart with Oak Leaf Cluster, Air Medal, Good Conduct, ETO, Expert Rifle and Machine Gun Badge. Unit Commendation Patch. Two Combat Stripes and Reenlistment Chevron. Includes Long Sleeve Shirt 14 1/2 x 32 and Issue Tie. 306th Inf. Regiment Crests "Suivez Moi" (Follow Me) Very Good Condition, Minor Holes and Threadbare Spots. ($100-$250)
  ____33. USAAF WWII SERVICE UUIFORM; COAT, 36R, SGT, USAAF Patch: With Garrison Belt and Overseas Cap. Air Gunner Badge, Ribbons; Bronze Star, Air Medal, Pacific Theater, Marksman's Badge with Pistol, MG & Driver Badge, Ruptured Duck Patch. MFG. Nov 7 1940. OD Shirt and trousers 34 x 33 MFG Jan 31, 1942. Very Good Condition. ($200-$400)
  ____36. AVIREX 1978 Leather A-2 Jacket & OS Cap: LT Col Rank on Shoulders, Size 42. Overseas Cap with Rank and Name "J. Wm. McDonald" inside. Aviator Sunglasses in Jacket Pocket. Very Good Condition, Wear on Epilates. ($200-$400)
  ____41. British CA 1880 Tunic, Campaign Hat & Bayonet Hanger: Color Sergeant Stripes of 1st Volunteer Berks (Today Royal Berkshire Regiment). Missing collar Pips. Tropical white Campaign Helmet Style Hat. Bayonet Hanger, Painted White. WWII USMC Belt w/ Brass Buckle ($250-$500)
  ____42. WEBLEY MARK IV .38 Revolver, Web Belt & Holster: Standard Issue for British from 1887-1963. War Finish Blue with 5" Barrel, Proof Marks and Bakelite Grips. SN 139298, 95% Blue, Working Order, Excellent Condition. The .38 Mark IV was Issued during world War II. Web Belt (Very Good, Stained) and Leather Holster (Restraining Strap Detached but Present. ($400-$800)
  ____51. Vietnam Era Flak Jacket, Helmet, Liner, Dog Tags: M 1955 BODY ARMOR, FRAGMENTATION PROTECTIVE, UPPER BODY with COLLAR, MEDIUM, USMC. Stenciled "COMPANY D, 2BN, DOVER A". M-1 Helmet and Helmet Liner with Camouflage Cover and Band with Pack of CAMELS. ($300-$600)
  ____52. Vietnam Era M-16 Bayonet, Scabbard, Web Gear: Web Belt and Suspenders, Alice Pac, Black Leather Pistol Holster 1966, Canteen Carrier 1966, Plastic Canteen, Cup 1965, Pair of M-16 Ammunition Pouches, 1st Aid Pouch with Dressing ($150-$300)
  ____53. Vietnam Era M-16A1 "RUBBER DUCKY" TASC DVC-T7_83: Used in Survival Swimming, Bayonet Training & Ceremonies The Weight of a Real M-16. Actual M-16A1 Barrel with Weighed Rubber Stock, Receiver and Hand Guard. Very Good Condition, Magazine Sawed Off Level with Receiver ($300-$500)
  ____71. WW II US NAVY CORPSMAN BLUE JACKET & TROUSERS: PETTY OFFICER 3rd CLASS "DOUGLAS MURRY" Medical Department, Manufactured March 23, 1944. Trousers with Lace Up Rear and 13 Fouled Anchor Buttons (One for Each Colony). Excellent Condition. ($150-$300)
  ____72. US MERCHANT MARINE ACADEMY FULL DRESS JACKET: Belonged to Earl Knight; Historian and Author, during his Brief Sojourn in Kings Point. Excellent Condition. ($150-$300)
  ____73. 1st Edition A GUNNER ABOARD THE "YANKEE" 1898: From the Diary of Number 5 of the After Port Gun. The Yarn of the Cruise and Fights of the Naval Reserves in the Spanish American War" Edited H.H. Lewis, Doubleday & McClure Co. New York. Very Good Condition ($100-$200)
  ____81. CIVIL WAR RE ENACTORS UNIFORM Kepi Hat with Infantry Trumpet, Union Blue Tunic Size 42. Baby Blue Canteen and Strap. US Brass Belt Buckle and Black Leather Belt, Musket Cartridge Box and Black Leather Cap Box, Each with Double Leather Flap Covers. Linen Haversack with Plastic Bread Rolls, Boy Scout Mess kit. All CA 1965 ($-$)
  ____82. Rare Early Pattern US SPRINGFIELD 1873 BAYONET: Last Socket Bayonet Adopted by US Army, First Bayonet to be Blued Overall. Early Pattern Leather Belt Loop and Brass Escutcheon bearing "US" with Scabbard. Brass Belt Holder. Excellent Condition. ($300-$600)
  ____83. US MUSICIAN'S SWORD Model 1840 with Leather Scabbard: Similar to NCO Sword but 4" Shorter. Marked "US/G.W.C./1864", Reverse "AMES MFG CO/CHICOPEE". 28 1/4" Long, One Piece Brass Handle. Given to Drummer Boys for Personal Protection. Excellent Condition. ($400-$600)
  ____91. STEPHAM R GREGG. Medal Of Honor Tribute Box: Gregg was awarded the Medal of Honor while Serving with the 143rd Infantry Regiment 36th Infantry Division. T Sergeant stripes, CIB, ETO and Victory Ribbons, 36 Div. Patch and 143 Regimental Crest. Infantry Brass and Good conduct Medal. Gregg Received a Battle field Promotion to 2nd Lieutenant. 1st day Cover dated December 8th 1973, and US French Script. ($-$)
  ____93. 29th Infantry Division Tribute Box World War I: WW I 29th Division Patch, 1st Virginia Infantry Regiment and 1 Virginia Artillery Regiments, and 5h Maryland Regiment Insignia. Unit Crests of 29th Division under Federal Service, WW I Virginia Medals from the State and American Legion World War I Medals, Women's Army Corps Miniature Crest and Match Book. ($100-$200)
  ____94. US MILITARY MEDALS 1940-2000: Meritorious Service Medal, Army Achievement Medal, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Humanitarian Service Medal, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, National Guard Achievement Medal Reserve Medal. ($100-$200)
  ____95. US MILITARY MEDALS and Buttons 1865-1900: Indian Wars and Spanish Campaign Medals, US and Infantry Pin Back Insignia, US Army Hat Brass, Infantry collar Pips, Six dress buttons, Infantry Pips Lieutenant Epaulets, Photograph of Officer with Sword. ($100-$200)
  ____101. Model 1895 US 125th Artillery Hat: Hat Buttons Present, Chin Strap Missing. Other Wise Very Good condition. ($-$)
  ____102. Model 1902 Service Cap, H company 1 Infantry: With chin Strap and Cap Buttons. Liner Damaged. Manufactured by D Klein & Brothers, Philadelphia. ($-$)
  ____103. Model 1887 2nd New York National Guard Spike Helmet: Manufactured by RINABOCK & CO, Formally Baker & McKenny New York. Spike Removes to Install Feathered Plume. ($-$)
  ____104. VERY RARE Period Confederate Slouch Hat "MALACHI CREEKMORE" Worn by Malachi Creekmore, Enlisted June 1st 1861 at Portsmouth, VA, in Company A, 3rd Virginia Infantry. Passed away in 1958. With Captured Union Infantry Trumpet Attached. Consignor Purchased hat from Creekmore Family Deep Creek VA. Condition Good for Age and Service. Small Holes. Very Rare to Match Uniform to actual Confederate Soldier from 150 Years ago. Unique Find. ($1500-$3000)
  ____105. US Army WWI Montana Peak Campaign Hat, E Co. 26th INF: Infantry Piping, "Cowan" Name inside Hat ($-$)
  ____106. Two Reenactor Civil War Style Kepi Hats Confederate Gray Cavalry Hat with Yellow Strip and Cavalry Insignia. Union Blue C Battery 3rd Artillery. Size Large, Both Good Condition. ($100-$200)
  ____111. US Army WW I "PERSHING BOOTS" Hobnail Boots worn by US Service Members in France in World War I, Very Good Condition. ($-$)
  ____112. German Army World War II Sentry Boots: worn to keep sentries Feet from Freezing while on Guard duty on the Eastern Front. Very Good Condition. ($-$)
  ____113. US World War II, Cold Weather Shoe Pacs CA 1944-45: ($-$)
  ____121. Combat Art "Ensign DERRY" Watercolor, Beach Assault: Watercolor of Marine Infantry and Tanks Assaulting the Beach in World War II Pacific Campaign. Dated 44. Framed. ($-$)
  ____122. Charles W Kello "MONITOR VS VIRGINA" Acrylic: Famous Duel of Ironclads in Hampton Roads by Renowned Virginia Artist. ($-$)
  ____131. M 1910 US Army Sweater, shirt, Trousers Belt Uniform: classic sweater with Reinforced Elbows and Openings for Epilates. With shirt, Trousers, Web Belt with Brass Buckle. ($750-$1000)
  ____132. RARE 1904 OD Coat/Tunic With Low Falling Collar: Four Pockets, Infantry Brass, Company M, 16th Infantry. Pockets have Threadbare Spots. Includes Collarless White Shirt. ($150-$300)
  ____133. M1910 Summer Tunic Modified to M1926 Style Service: Likely Modified in China between the Wars, High Collar of WWI Rest itched to Lapel Style of 1926. WW I style Corporal Stripes and Infantry Style Brass. Initialed inside "GHB" ($100-$250)
  ____141. WW I 1st Division Tunic & Trousers, Private Purchase: No Rank Stripe (Private), Wound Stripe, Three Overseas Stripes, Ribbons; Victory Medal with Three Campaign Stars. Private Purchase No Sizes. ($150-$300)
  ____142. 1st Div., 1930 Issue M 1926 Custom Made Khaki Uniform: Tunic with Medical Brass, Trousers, Service Cap with Liner, Chin Strap with Signal Corps Piping. Leather Telegraph Leggings. SN 681339 Inside Tunic. ($250-$500)
  ____143. 1st Co F, 16th Infantry Pre-War Service Uniform: With Leather Garrison Belt with Prongs, French Fourragere. Includes OD shirt 14/33 and Black Tie. ($200-$400)
  ____144. 1st Div. 16th Inf. WW II Service Uniform 36 R: SGT D. DEPADUA, Four Overseas Bars, Three Reenlistment Chevrons, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Expert Badge MG, SMG, & Carbine, Good Conduct, ETO w/ 2 Stars, American Defense, Victory Medal, Unit Commendation Medal with 2 Palms. Overseas Cap with Infantry Piping, Shirt 14 1/2 x 33, Issue Tie. ($250-$500)
  ____151. 80th Div., H Co, 318th Infantry WW II Service Uniform: Infantry, H Company Brass, MFG Nov 11, 42. Sergeant Four Overseas Bars Combat Infantry Man’s Badge, Ribbons; Silver Star, Good Conduct, ETO with Four Campaign Stars, WW II Victory Sharpshooters Badge Rifle, Ruptured Duck Badge, Dark Green Overseas Cap w/ Infantry Pipping, and Unit Crest, Shirt 14 1/2 x 33, Issue Tie and Trousers 34/35. Very Good Condition ($250-$500)
  ____152. 80th Div., 319th Inf. WW II Helmet Liner, Converted: 80th Infantry Division Patch with 1st Lieutenant Decal and Medium Horizontal White Stripe. Suspension has been Replaced with Vietnam Era Suspension System. ($50-$100)
  ____153. 80th Div., 317 Inf. Officer's Khaki Uniform, Post War: 2nd Lieutenant. MFG by ELBECO MFG Company, Trousers 36/29, Webb belt with Brass Buckle. ($200-$400)
  ____154. 80th Div., 319 Inf. Enlisted Service Uniform: Jacket 37R, 319th Infantry Brass Sharpshooter Rifle Badge. MFG 7/10/42. Trousers 36/29. ($200-$400)
  ____160. 80th Div., 319 Inf. Regt. Korean War Service Coat: CA 1950, Khaki Service Jacket (Pinks), Custom Made, No size, Major and Infantry Brass ($100-$200)
  ____161. USMC Sergeant Cotton Service Shirt, Trousers & Tie: World War II Trouser; NO Back Pockets. ($150-$250)
  ____162. 1st Marine Div., "OLD BREED" Over Coat, Size F 37 1/2: From Post Exchange Officers Uniform Shop. MFG 11/27/44 for "MATTHEW P. JAKLEWICZ", with 1st Marine Division Patch. Very Good Condition. ($300-$600)
  ____171. 2nd Div., Korean War "Ike Jacket" MFG Dec 23, 1952: 38 R, Corporal Stripes, 2nd Division Combat Patch, 7th Division Unit Patch. Combat Infantryman's Badge, Korean War Ribbon with 3 Stars, National Defense, Occupation Medal, Expert Rifle Badge, Command Tabs. Overseas Cap, Infantry Pipping with Regimental Crest. Trousers 30/33, Web Belt with Brass Buckle. Khaki Dress Shirt with 7th Division Patch and Dark Brown Issue Tie, Very Good Condition. ($250-$500)
  ____172. 2nd Div., WW II Service Tunic, Shirt & Campaign Hat: 38th Infantry, "ROCK OF THE MARNE". MFG Dec 19, 1940, 37R. With Garrison Belt. Handmade 2nd Division Patch. Montana Peak Campaign Hat with 38th Regt Insignia and Machine Gun Company Braid. OG Wool shirt w/Issue Patch ($250-$500)
  ____180. 9th Div., 47 Inf. Regt. "Ike Jacket" MFG 4/14/45, 38R: Alaska Command Combat Patch, Ribbons; ETO, Pacific Campaign with Star, WW II Victory Medal, Occupation Medal. Captain Rank Insignia. Excellent Condition. ($150-$300)
  ____181. 35th Div. 320th Infantry Regt. Ike Jacket & Uniform; 34R: Tech Corporal "Frances Hudson" 320th Infantry, Four Overseas Bars, Combat Infantryman's Badge, Marksman Pistol Badge, Ruptured Duck Patch. Infantry Overseas Cap, Wool Shirt 14/32, Trousers 32/33 March 26, 1945. Web Belt with Brass Buckle. All Very Good Condition. ($250-$500)

Thank you for attending our Preview/Auction. We are pleased to be able to bring you rare and intriguing items from special areas of interest as well as the ongoing presentation of fine furniture, crystal, silver, porcelains, jewelry, artwork, bronzes, and other upscale collectibles. We appreciate your active interest both as buyers and consignors. Our Next in Gallery Auction will be in the PHOEBUS GALLERY, 10 AM, SUNDAY, 12 AUGUST, 2018 ANTIQUES & DECORATIVE ARTS AUCTION.
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